Cost savings from improved G.P. heart monitoring

All GP's should be correctly trained & retrained to both operate and understand ECG eqipment and the diagnosis of traces obtained.

Currently most, if not all GP's blanch when ECG's are mentioned, preferring to pass this important function to a local hospital.

Some GP's have set up so-called heart surgeries that are simple in terms of what results are found, and usually stick to weight & blood pressure.

Most small local hospitals do not have cardiology experts available 24hrs/day, and therefore any request for an ECG will probably be too long to wait for the person needs it.

Why does this idea matter?

The UK has one of the worst records of heart decease monitoring & control , and needs to be addressed.

The GP is probably the first to be able to influence this detail, and would probably relish the opportunity to become more involved.

Many lives would be saved.

Hospital patient care and medical costs could be reduced .

Hospital operating theater costs would reduce through early detection of cardiac based problems.

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