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Could perhaps the people who deal with benefit claims get it right in the first place?

Comment 16th August 2010

If the agencies that deal with benefits could be streamlined and trained and if they could be induced to not use such easily open to abuse & error methods such as claiming by phone or online..If we were not assaulted everywhere everyday by leaflets begging us to claim this that and the other and the agencies staff did not try to drag us on board to try to justify their own jobs and existence. If benefit agencies could TRY to add up and takeaway correctly etc and so forth, oh, and NOT use a forests worth of paper for every claimant. THEN PERHAPS WE WOULDN'T NEED TO SPEND MORE TIME AND CASH CHASING AROUND AFTER OUR OWN TAILS LOOKING FOR BENEFIT FRAUDSTERS..because at the end of the day the real fraudsters will probably be living in the twilight zones and its only going to be the truly needy who will suffer in the end.

Why does this matter?

Because yes the welfare state and particularly benefits need sorting out but I think its a chicken and egg situation and that sending private agencies to snoop out fraudsters is the wrong approach or at least the WRONG STARTING POINT

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