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council tax valuation bands

Comment 11th July 2010

People should pay the same council tax across the board and not depend on the size of iving area.

Why does this matter?

We pay for council and police services though our council tax  (and other bits) but why does this have to be dependant on house value/or living area size? We all have one green bin, we all have one blue bin and we all have one brown bin. (in our area anyway)  We all have our rubblish collected once a week.  We all have an equal right to plice services so why do I pay more than my next door neighbour just because an extention was put on the house?

No one is treat any differently just because the have more floor living space so why do I or others pay more or less than the next person? 

Everybody should pay the same unless they ask for additional extra refuse collections or bins. 

I live in a 3 bed house, so does my neighbour but she gets 25% reduction for single occupancy..her bin is the same size as mine, is as full as mine each week so how on earth is this fair?  Her garden is 4 times the size of mine and has more land space BUT because I have a small extention I pay more !  Really doesnt make sense at all unless someone can enlighten me as I only really know the basics !

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