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Councils pay YOU fine if your parking ticket is cancelled

Comment 3rd July 2010

Tens of thousands of tickets are issued by local councils for minor parking infringments. Many of these are issued incorrectly due to errors in signage, lack of judgment, or simply the need to meet targets.

The majority of tickets which are appealed are overturned. In these instances the issuing council should pay the driver sum equivilant to the penalty they were seeking. This will cover the costs and hassle of having to go through the appeals process.

Why does this matter?

Too many tickets are overturned, meaning not enough care is taken to ensure they are issued properly in the first place. Imposing a financial penalty for incorrectly issued tickets will give councils an incentive to double check that they are issuing compliant documents, have painted and signed the roads properly and will remove tickets given simply to meet targets as these are likely to incur a cost for councils

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