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CPR – Justice Woolf Recommendation

Comment 8th July 2010

I apprecaite your compaign for consumers to fight their cases. In the current British Legal Systems there is no such provision for a common person to take his case to a British court for the justice. The current system is very prejudiced to a self litigant. First of all judges do not encourage dealing with the self litigants. They want the matter should be cut and clear in certain legal terminology in the statement of the claimant or defendat which an ordinary person cannot present himself in the presence of judge and professional lawyers who judges are very familiar and trust them more than a common person appeating as a selflitigant. There is a compaign already started against the judges discrimination against the selflitigant. But nothing concrete is done so far. However it appears that judges have become bit cautious in the legal costs claims of the winning party where the lossing party is a self litigant. It judges have become compassionate to allow a selflitigant to appeal against the legal costs claim. In one occasion I found that the judge (I have great respect for such judges but generally judges support the legal costs claimby the lawyer even if the costs are exorbitant . Example: The two city lawyers' firm made a legal costs claim of over £65000.00 against a selflitigant calimant and the judge immediate approved the costs without any hesitation on the firms name ignoring the fact that they two top city lawyers firm were nactually breached the parity rule of the Justice woolf recommendation against a single handed selflitigant) of the  declined the costs calim of a council lawyer against a self litigant. The judges should be following the rules of the Woolf recommendation in CPR to order where a self litigant is appearing against a bunch of city lawyers to transfer the case for ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution rather handling such cases on the trial with no parity.

Consequently in the British Justice a selflitigant has never won a case in any British Court.  

Why does this matter?

My idea is very important for many consumers who are not getting legal aid due to current financial crisis and government cuts in all its public expenditure. The judges openly discriminate against the sleflitigant if a consumer wants to present his case as a self litigant.

Justice Woolf recommendation although approved and passed by the British Parliament and has become an Act of the Parliament in the shape of CPR but many part of the rules are being ignored by the judges and the British Legal System is quite on the issues.

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