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CRB Checks

Comment 13th July 2010

Scrap CRB checks,

Why does this matter?

I run a youth club and parents are scared to stay and  watch because the dont have CRB checks. when children reach 18 thay have to leave or have CRB check done, its unbelievable.

It makes all workers of children and youn people feel that they are the criminals, they are having fingers pointed at them just because someone sat in an office came up with the what ifs.

I think it if fair to say children should not be alone with one adult, but in most situations there are other adults and other children around.

No wonder children are walking the streets, parents dare not go and help local clubs because they feel fingers are pointed at them for helping.

Some sick person thought this up I wonder what thoughts were going on in that mind.

Most people are not going to hurt children.

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