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CRB Checks for Voluntary Organisations

Comment 13th August 2010

Annual CRB checks are required for all voluntary organisations involving children or vunerable adults. No account is taken of the age and vunerability of the volunteers. As an 81 year old doing voluntary work with stroke victims, some younger and fitter than me, I need a CRB Check, they do not. This is an expensive absurdity.

CRB Checks should not be compulsary in voluntary organisations unless a sizeable minority of those at risk, or their parents, ask for it. CRB Checks only catch those who have comitted an offence and been found out – probably a minority of offenders. Vigilant parents and affected individuals are the real safeguards, not remote individuals with computers.

Existing legislation should be amended to remove compulsary CRB Checks for voluntary organisations unless 10%? of those at risk request it.

Why does this matter?

At £45 a time CRB checks are an expensive and unreliable method of vetting volunteers. They nearly caused our Stroke Group volunteers to resign as both they and the patients thought it a beauracratic nonsense, dreamt up and operated by idiots, without a scrap of common sense or knowledge of the people involved. These feelings must be mirrored by thousands of voluntary organisations from Scout Troops to Stroke Clubs and can only result in volunteers saying "why bother, who cares".

We need Scout Masters and other volunteers to help each other. Obstacles should not be invented by people with nothing better to do. 

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