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CRB checks kept but streamlined

Comment 6th July 2010

CRB checks are currently inefficient. They require every relevant organisation recruiting staff or volunteer to check that person against the database. Individuals working for several charities as volunteers, perhaps on an ad-hoc basis, have to get multiple checks unless they work regularly for them within a three month period and they need  one certificate/check for each organisation they work with. This is expensive and unnecessary.

Individuals applying to the first appropriate organisation should be checked but the certificate sent to the individual and which they can present to subsequent bodies. The time freed should be used by the bureau to provide on-going checking and liaison with police bodies to enable them to withdraw a certificate (notified to the employers) if necessary and to keep the database relevant. Candidates could be issued with certificates on a much quicker basis (it can take up to three months currently).

I'm very much in favour of some check, as a deterrent as much as a prevention but it can only work if the information is up to date, certificates are issued quicker and  duplication is cut. 

Parents working together to deliver children to school/parties etc, etc don't need this bureaucracy, only those who are going to be in regular contact with vulnerable people. More attention needs to be paid to other vulnerable people not only children- the mentally ill and aged for example. 

Why does this matter?

Our society needs community input and volunteers, the current CRB checks impede this and add unnecessary cost to public and charitable bodies.

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