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CRB has ruined lives.

1 Comment 13th August 2010

Please review the current system whereas every crime committed is recorded on a CRB check, regardless of the nature of the crime, the harm to the public, and the possibilty that it may prevent that person from ever being able to gain employment ever again. The CRB system is crippling many in an already impossible world to achieve a healthy working career, that otherwise would'nt have a problem.

A job application always asks do you have any criminal convictions. If the answer is yes, I'm sure the application goes straight in the bin. and that person remains on JSA.

Is it fair that someone with a minor conviction such as possesion of a small amount of cannabis, is deamed to dangerous to work, for the rest of their life.

I know some employers are open minded, and may overlook such an offence. But the truth is they don't . not when there are so many other applicants.  The aim of reducing the deficit in the economy, and getting people back into work would be so much easier if the CRB system was overhauled and minor criminals were not kept in the poverty trap and relying on the state to keep them, when all they want is to work. 

Why does this matter?

This is such an important point because I have never commited crime in my life. I have always worked and in my last job, was bullied by an employee to the extent, I made a formal complaint. The management constructively dismissed me, made out I was lying and consequently i had a breakdown. I was on antidepressants and became very ill. I was introduced to Cannabis which enabled me to block out depressive feelings and anxiety. whether or not its was right or wrong, it worked and enabled me to get better. Not long after I got caught with Cannabis in my own home, and now have a lovely criminal record. I want to work and  tried for 18 months to find work, but keep getting rejected, not only that I cannot apply for lots of jobs as they are working with people.One instance was hospital porter. CRB check. I have applied as a volunteer for a meals on wheels driver with the WRVS, the lovely woman at interview wanted me to work there but was not allowed by head office as I had a drugs conviction.

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One Response to CRB has ruined lives.

  1. annon says:

    I was convicted for Section 4 Public Order Act and now have lost my job, stressed and worried life ruined for standing up to a bully.

    There were heavy traffic and motorcyclist squeezed in and broke my car mirror in June 2009 (the day TFL was on strike). Following the incident I wanted the driver’s details which he refused to give and became very aggressive and started pushing me then he took my keys out of my car and threw the keys on the other side of the road and an argument ensued. My sister and my neighbour started to cry and said please can we leave now as I will miss my final exam I then attempted to leave but the motorcyclist tried to vigorously and aggressively to prevent me however I managed leave. I then drove the girls to their college just in time for their exam and returned home.

    I cam home and was seating down in my room and my mum started calling me as the police budged passed my mum and came in my room and started to question me regarding the incident and informed me that I threatened the driver with a gun although I offered a full explanation they arrested me and processed me then at the station after 7 to 10 hours in the cell I was informed that I have been charged with Public Order Offence Section 4. I was released on bail and was ordered to go to court. I then made a counter claim once released against the motorcyclist but the police refused to investigate.

    The day I attended court I could not find a solicitor to represent me

    I have been suffering from ongoing severe depression since 2008 due to this reason I felt pressured into entering a plea which I had no means to defend. I was on anti depression tablets for a prolonged time. I did not have the energy or the knowledge of how the legal system worked and I first I pleaded not guilty but felt pressured to plea guilty to the charge against me as I could not defend myself.

    I have been suffering from depression and it became more intense following my fathers death I had no one to turn to for help.

    I felt trapped and not able to understands the consequence this event will have in my life decided that I cant go on and felt pressured so I decided to go back and ask the magistrates to change my plea to guilty.

    This conviction is now having an immense affect to my life as I recently changed my job and my employer found from the CRB check the offence I was dismissed from my employment.

    I have worked for the NHS for last 6 years +. I feel a grave injustice was done to me following this event and this will now follow me and haunt for the rest of my life.

    This system is so unfair, it is ripping my heart out, work so hard in life to be where I am today and due to having a argument with ******** I will be punished for the rest of my life. Never been on the dole before but now have no choice. The feeling of anger and hurt killing me inside. This CRB crap follow you until the day you die.

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