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CRB nonsense

1 Comment 2nd July 2010

Having to get CRB checks for each and every job even if you have a current one less than 6 months old is a scandal. It is a money making scam for this agency and doea nothing to really protect who it is meant to protect.

I run a care business and I have to wait up to 4 weeks for an enhanced CRB check to come through and cannot use a new employeee till then even if they have another job where a CRB check has been done in the past month. The basic 'protection' check comes in after about 5 days but due to police inefficiency and CRB bureaucracy the main document is delayed sometimes up to 10 weeks. This strangles my business.

Safeguarding is one thing, this duplication of checks is another.

I am calling for any valid CRB done in the past 12 months to be recognised across the board.

You have already taken the step of suspending the ISA scheme, no free us up a little more.


Why does this matter?

I think it is self-evident why this is important .. If I cannot use a member of staff fully for this time my business is hindered.

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One Response to CRB nonsense

  1. Lucy says:

    I agree. It is just the governent making money. I have 5 current CRB’s (Barnet Council, Herts County Council, RAF, Scouts and Bucks County Council) yet I am unable to volunteer in my children’s Hertfordshire school as I am now a parent helper and not a youth worker as it states on my Hertfordshire CRB! Absolute rubbish!! AND now everyone is opting for paperless billing how do you get a bill with your address on it?!! Mad? Just a little bit!!

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