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Create a British “Bill of Rights”

Comment 26th July 2010

A lot of the ideas submitted here for repealing laws etc are good. But they will inevitably involve a huge amount of work by government to modify/change/alter existing laws and some of that will unlikely achieve what many people want, which is to roll back the state and limit its powers in a number of areas.

IMV a far better idea is to draft a "British Bill of Rights" which would cut right across many of the intrusive and police-state laws we have seen introduced over the last 13 years.

Why does this matter?

A good B.o.R. would include sections on personal privacy, police powers, civil rights and of course the growing nanny state/big brother emergence, Obviously, such a creation should be drafted by people outside of government and voted upon by the electorate.

Furthermore, it could become Step 1 towards the creation of a proper written Constitution which Britain desperately needs.

Both of these would represent a massive leap forward in our country which is still governed by a political system going back centuries and subjected over the years to countless tweaks and adjustments to the point that it resembles a Heath Robinson nonsense.

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