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Create an offence for agrivated reporting

Comment 11th July 2010

Having seen, "Bowing for Columbine," along with the recent coverage of the situation regarding Raoul Moat, I am not happy with the reporting that I saw.

I believe that an offence should be put on our books such that if any media reporting is considered to have been deliberately biased to a degree where it distorts the truth, then there should be a corporate penalty acording to the degree of the bias and sensationalism in the reporting.

Good and accurate reporting is perfectly possible on issues of importance without having to overly dramatise the situation or be deliberately selective over the facts that are reported on. Factual news reports should not be treated as entertainment pieces.

Why does this matter?

Sensationalist reporting is good entertainment, but it runs the risk of distorting societies perception of the real risks that we encounter in our lives.

If sections of society are too scared to walk their streets because of a perceived attack which is actually out of character with their local environment, then this is tantamount to them becoming a prisoner in their own home. The media has unenviable access to everyone well ahead of any efforts by the comunity. Such a position has to be treated with respect.

We need to take heed of the American situation and avoid that happening here.

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