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Comment 8th July 2010

I suggest that we should ask EVERY household to contribute some money to the deficit.  This would be mandatory but each household would CHOOSE how much they would give.  The lowest amount would be the price of a cup of coffee, ie £2.  There is no limit on the highest amount.  Businesses would be able to give as much as they want.  All people and businesses that gave over £500 would be published in some way. 

The money would be collected by a responsible high street retailer, such as Marks and Spencer, to make giving as easy as possible. This retailer would then be exempt from having to give any money.  If you make giving the money difficult, everyone will complain.

Why does this matter?

Everyone wants to help, everyone can afford £2.  We would all feel we were doing our bit. Businesses and retailers would get a lot of kudos from this.  We would see who really wants to back Britain!  Maybe you could have a prize draw, like the lottery, for a million pounds for someone!  Everyone would be entered into the draw.

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