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Create “one stop shop” for both CRB’s and ISA Checks

Comment 5th July 2010

Simplify the Vetting and Barring Sheme and merge the CRB checks and the ISA Regs together.

Be clear about who needs a CRB check.

Why does this matter?

Schools are unsure (still) of who should be CRB checked and because of the Ofsted requirement under Safeguarding I feel that we are all carrying out CRB checks far too much with regard to volunteers, readers, contractors, and visitors to  schools.

There is a cost involved to schools and with limited budgets we need to ensure that we are not doing checks when they are not required.

Also with the possibilityof everyone having to have an ISA check before they even apply for a job – fine with teachers – but canteen assistants, cleaners etc who earn the least – this will stop vital people from applying for these jobs because of the cost involved to them.

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