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Credit card fraud

Comment 4th July 2010

Police don't investigate credit card fraud and should do so. There's often plenty of information with which an investigation should be able to make a case but it doesn't happen because its costs too much time for the amounts involved in individual cases. Even card companies seem not to be too bothered when their customers have money stolen

Police should be obliged to investigate, but whenever as case is made the police and card companies should have all their costs paid for by the criminal in addition to the victim being compensated.

When its an employee of a firm that has misused credit card information given to the firm then the firm should be liable for the behaviour of their employee and should compensate victim and police. The firm can then sue their presumably soon to be ex employee. 

Why does this matter?

Credit card fraud is a major hassle and cost to citizens and not enough action is being done about it

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