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Crime and Disorder Act 1998

Comment 1st July 2010

scrap the act

Why does this matter?

The C and D Act was introduced to force partnership working between the police and other public sector agencies. It has created a lot of non-jobs, unnecessary statistics and a huge amount of time is wasted on talking shop meetings. Public sector agencies worked/talked to each before it was made law to do so. Government offices, an unnecessary bureaucratic layer, were also introduced to provide funding streams to ‘strategic partnerships’. There is nothing strategic about them. Non-jobs created to service the useless meetings and statistics. Save the money and scrap Government Office South West and its respective offices around the country. Consequently a host of community safety jobs created in local authorities, more non-jobs, which increases the cost of the community charge without any discernible difference in crime reduction. Leave this area to the police service which gets paid handsomely for the service.

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