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Crime and Punishment

Comment 10th September 2010

The system for determining punishment for crime should have at its very heart the following bases for determining a sentence

Crimes against Human beings should carry stiffer sentences than those involving non-human crime.

i.e. a Rapist should get a longer sentence than a bank robber

It's basic, build into the system used by judges and magistrates when determining a sentence, the focus of the justice system is 180 degress wrong, it seems that if you steal something somehow the amount you steal determines the length of your sentence, this is patently wrong, the crime is theft, not how much did you steal. If the crime involved a crime against a human being, then that should be the deciding factor on length of sentence, not the fact you stole more than the guy who was in front of me earlier. 

Why does this matter?

It would focus justice where it counts most

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