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criminal cases reveiw commission should be abolished

Comment 14th August 2010

the ccrc in its white ivory tower in birmingham should be abolished i am a disabled person of 58 years of age i care for my older wife of 75 i have had to care round the clock for 21 years on my own no one has contributed to her care as you see we are an age difference couple as well since 1992 we have suffered abuse threats of violence criminal damage to our property actual violence and more in november 200 to february 2001 i was arrested 3 times for the behaviour of others i have tried to clear my good name through the ccrc but has been a total waiste of time they keep refusing me to appeal i have numerous amounts of evidence that was not used in all 3 cases i have proof my signature was forged in one case in another case i was not told i could appeal a bindover i have proof from a magistrate had he had been shown evidence the one case would have been thrown out i have even tried to take the ccrc for judicial reveiw but the judges were biased to the ccrc i only had half an hour to argue 2 cases as i stated earlier i am disabled i went all the way to london on my own no help from anybody the ccrc did not turn up it made me ill the ccrc have a low rate of referals to the court of appeal they have been critisized by many people and still nothing changes the ccrc is the only way you can get refered to the court of appeal therefore there should be a new system more fairer they wont listen to me at all despite formal complaints and more the new boss boasts of sending more cases to appeal but this is in fact false propaganda mr richard foster should resign he does not answer letters either he boasted to danny shaw of the bbc news he would be bolder untrue so abolish this waiste of time organisation please asap

Why does this matter?

my idea is important there must be many people who like me are innocent victims not only victims in law but victims of the dont care less attitude of the ccrc you dont even see anybody they all sit up in alpha tower away from the real world and have not got a clue what happens to people

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