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Criminal Law Act 1977 – Trespass/Theft

Comment 27th July 2010

If someone is in your house or other premises without permission then they have broken the law if they have forced entry into it and they have trespassed on private property.

They have broken the law in the first place so if you find them there and they refuse to leave irrespective of whether you think your life is in danger then the householder has the right to forcibly remove the intruder and if their life is threatened then they can take whatever means is necessary to defend themselves and dilute the threat level.

On the matter of police ignoring the thefts from shops of under £20 it is good to remind them of their lawful and contractual obligations to uphold law and order.

Why does this matter?

There has to be a clear distinction between who's right and wrong.

If someone breaks into your house at night then it's not lawful or with permission so the householder has the right to do whatever is necessary to diffuse the threat to life or others prior to police presence.

If that means holding the criminal by citizens arrest or "house arrest" so be it until the Police turn up.

On the theft issue the Shop Keepers have the right under the "Policing Pledge" to be served a minimum level of policing service as advertised under the previous Government in 2009!!!

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