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Criminal Offence to sell in Lbs.

Comment 23rd July 2010

The Weights and Measures Act must be amended so that goods may be weighed and sold in Lbs and Ounces , without the trader being liable to a Criminal Prosecution.

Why does this matter?

At the moment , if a trader in a market weighs and sells fruit and vegetables in Lbs and ounces , he or she is committing a CRIMINAL act .This crime has no victim ; nobody suffers any harm ; and nobody loses any money.Even the European Commissioner responsible for Metrication at the time, Gunter Verheigen,( who ? ),said that he had no intention of criminalising such actions, but the British Government disagreed. By making it a criminal act , they put it on a par with mugging , rape , burglary , and manslaughter. Is this reasonable ? Surely this nonsensical  law must be repealed  without delay , and pardons granted to any victims of it.

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