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Criminal records disclosure to BIG brother over the pond

Comment 25th July 2010

dear all,

Yes its the topic which should have been resolved many many years ago, and i feel with our newly elected government can make this work, because that Tony Blair that uneducated Labour prime minister ( i dont blame Gordon Borwn) but he should have had this sorted by now, what you may ask……

Criminal records disclosure when flying to the USA.  This 1974 Act Spent convictions should have included that, to say NONONONONONO on the form when travelling to the states, and if they allowed it, than we shoul dhave done the same, when the Americans come over to our lovely island, they should be vetted and checked inside out, also any Americans who want to fly to the UK who previosuly owned a GUN in the states shouldnt b e allowed in the UK

we just seem to switch off when it comes to laying out laws.

Why does this matter?

I say the government needs to have something in place within Sunita Masons report to not declare old minor petty records.  Its a shame a total shame and I want this to be top on the list behind the deletion of petty records.

the Police ofrces used to delete old records, show they should carry on doing this.

The USA visa is totally unaceptable to follow.


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