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Criminal Records for petty crimes MUST be deleted

Comment 28th July 2010

Petty petty crimes for one time offenders for people who have paid there time by spent convictions or cautions must be deleted off the PNC as a routine every decade, its simple and like our European countries, like Germany, Portugal, Greece, Spain they all delete these records apart from the French ( no wonder they are a littel backwards)  I feel that 10 years is a perfect time for records to be erased.

I think Nick Clegg can make the different i.e our deputy prime minister and not Cameron as he is a conservative, and Nick Glegg is a proper Democrat who we can trust properly.  I am sorry for these comments but my trust against Cameron has dissapeared as he has made some serious blunders and I dont think the Criminal records will be deleted if Cameron decides.

I will never vote for conservatives ever again, he is David Cameron not capabale of leading the country, hence both Nick Glegg and he are running the country. 

Why does this matter?

Now why I feel this is a important matter, petty crimes, the last government and especially Maggies and Blairs have made it a total mess.  But I feel small minor one time convictions need to be erased, its against data protection to be holding data longer than necessary?  am i right?  hence why the Sunita Mason project has started.

The category which i am asking for to be deleted is as follows in the correct order

1. Petty thiefs, i.e shoplifting ( erase after 5 or 10 years)

2. road traffic problems

There may be other areas, but thats all, its simple and this used to occur randomly by police forces.

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