Criminal Records off the PNC Police National Computer

Dear all,

I feel even storing minor criminal records on the PNC should be deleted, if minor records will never be disclosed to employers, than why keep them on the PNC? ? ?  i hear someone say to fight against crime?  well that person if he/she comitts a crime than if its a serious offence they will be dealt with accordingly, aking a look at the PNC to see if the person had a record previously isnt correct, as that person has now a clean slate, his past is never disclosed to the employers, BUT still having that record on the PNC will mean its there?

Why does this idea matter?

totaly clean slate, if your employers dont need to know, than the PCN needs erasing too of petty minor old ages records.  the ICO will need to get invovled too, I feel the Police arent doing a good job when it comes to petty criminal records, and more and more cases will come to the courts if the Police still hold petty records for the sake of it.


Idea is very important, that will mean a clean slate in all areas, and that person after 10 years of holding a minor offence commited only once for example stealing from Asda yes Asda shoudlnt have to pay for it for ever.

Lets hope this works, lets get voting, and lets get the government to make sure Sunita reports also involves erasing petty crimes off the PCN too. 


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