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Comment 21st July 2010

Why should the CSA be allowed to penalise good honest & decent fathers.

I have been in my daughters life for 15 years and divorced for 2 years,she lives with her mother in the family homewho gets every benefit going and works. I get nothing as I earn £14k a year I dont qualify for tax credits as they say I earn too much!!!!!!

I work full time,and am currently paying £140 a month from my wage of £800 a month,the CSA took the money from me after my ex wife wrote 3 pages of lies and rubbish about me,I have contacted them and they ignore me and state because they are government backed they can take what they like…And there is nothing I can do about it

Why is this allowed,I can prove I am a good doting hard working father,the CSA are just thieves who dont care about your circumstances and will always come down on the mothers side.


When will this agency be shut down and the whole Child benefit system be reviewed and made more "father friendly??" as it is just a government backed agency for ex wives to seek revenge on their partners and bleed them dry….

Why does this matter?

Because it highlights the unfair and unjust way in which the CSA take money from fathers and mothers who most of which are like me honest & hard working,this agency is evil and has far too much power,no solicitor in the land will take them on as they have a bottomless pit of legal support…the system is unfair,unjust and totally bias and should be scrapped immediately!!!!

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