Curb the Health & Safety madness for Public Liability insurance

H&S regulations are choking to death things we used to organise freely, happily and safely, like street events and parties. All over the UK, in towns and villages, in the suburbs of cities, traditional events are being abandoned by overregulation and the insistence on huge amounts of Public Liability Insurance.

This insanity now dictates that people with garden parties must have insurance if they hire a bouncy castle, for God's sake!

Let common sense prevail, and let people be responsible for their own actions once again as well as being directly responsible for their children's behaviour and supervision.

Let's enjoy life without the approval of some faceless H&E inspector sticking his unwelcome nose in. Accidents happen, and if they're serious, the Courts can sort it out. There is no need to prevent 99% of enjoyment because of the 1% incidence of accidents.

For instance, it may make H&S sense not to have traditional bonfire nights, but there are few things as dull, mediocre and uninvolving as organised firework events. Forget the namby-pamby squibs – let the kids gather wood for a bonfire and let the parents get involved in the fun and do their jobs by supervising proper family celebrations instead of crowds of inactive voyeurs at the council parks. Let the kids have a Bunny Hop Day in a local street that's been closed for the day.

Give us back our inalienable right to think for ourselves.

Why does this idea matter?

Stop the Nanny from the Health and Safety destroying this country's sense of fun by legislating misery on us all.

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