Curb the influence of the Health & Safety Executive (or scrap the HSE altogether)

The HSE may well have a role to play in dealing with society, but the experience I've had with them (during planning) has led me to question what on earth their function is – they refused to provide any opinions, were scared to make any firm statements, kept changing their mind on what they wanted and admitted to us that they were unable to provide technical advice on specific safety matters. 

I've found that they've generally been too terrified to make firm statements in any direction and I question why on earth our taxes have to go to funding an organisation who clearly can't make a valuable contribution. 

I would recommend reviewing their scope, curbing their influence and then possibly replacing them by a body that actually makes sensible suggestions and isn't afraid of making those sensible suggestions.

Why does this idea matter?

Our country is inundated with ridiculous Health & Safety laws, ranging from not being able to use a microwave on a maternity ward to not being served a drink in a glass in the restaurant of a visitor's attraction. Who comes up with these ideas in the first place? Why have we all gone bonkers? What are we so scared of? Does anyone really think all this Health & Safety madness makes our lives better?

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