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Cut down Health & Safety Regulations – Cemeteries and graveyards

Comment 9th July 2010

Local Councils (for Cemeteries) and Churches (for graveyards) are required to conduct an regular "test" on every gravestone in their cemetery or graveyard. (I think it is annually).

The test involves pulling and pushing the stone to ensure it will not topple.  If it is found to be slightly loose, it is then pulled over completely and laid flat.

The purpose of this test is to ensure that no-one gets hurt by a falling gravestone and that the authorities can't be sued.

Why does this matter?

I cannot begin to estimate how many tens of millions of gravestones exist in the UK, but it must require a small army of people to carry out this task on a regular basis.

Surely the whole matter could be resolved by placing a notice at the entrances stating that there could be a danger from falling headstones, people enter at their own risk and the Council/Church have no liability for any resulting injury.

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