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Cut down on Health and Safety regulations

Comment 9th July 2010

The so called HEALTH AND SAFETY regulations are a total nightmare. For instance.

Lots of volunteers keep our footpaths clean and tidy.

Now every one, not only has to go on a course to "LEARN" how to strim, but they must also attend a first aid course. Not only that, a form of "RISK ASSESSMENT" must also be filled in before each work party, and after it a full write up must be submitted of what went on, accidents Etc.

People will no longer volunteer for anything.  Our Volunteer force is so important, but people will only do it if they enjoy it. I know many who have packed it up.

I understand that now Post Office engineers are no longer allowed to use ladders. They all have to use Cherry pickers.

Health and Safety rubbish

Why does this matter?

Without Volunteers our country would be so much the poorer

Scouting is declining because they cannot get enough leaders

Everywher there are more and more restrictions

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