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Cut Red Tape. Prune beaurocracy.Depopulate.Decentralise.

Comment 19th August 2010


1. Make it illegal for private enterprise tolabel people or collect information on the grounds of age.etc

2.Make it illegal for both public and private sectors to use unwarranted unecessary amounts of paper or send the same either electronically or via post

3. Rate every business public or private, and every household by energy consumption. Limit to necessary only. Cut supplies when limits reached unless life is threatened

4. Strictly cull the use of piped music and options to both public and private agencies re telephone communications . Fine or tax any agencies on an "unecessary red tape" basis

5. Require each Uk citizen to take a literacy test, written and oral, in English. Individuals wishing to take a further optional intelligence test to be allowed.

6.Ban pornography on the internet and any tv channels. Legalise prostitution.

7.Limit petrol consumption in a similar way to the limitation of household energy. dependent on needs ..each vehicle to have a petrol allowance..

8. Consider  some sort of prohibition

9. Reraise the "adult" age to 21

10. Impose a curfew on the underage poulation after daylight hours

11.Change schooltimes to evenings and weekends..emphasise good education..impose 2 hrs voluntary attendance at evening school to adults also

12. All youngsters over 10 be required to work (private enterprise encouraged) during the day

13. Fine all offspring who do not support aged needy parents.Fines collected to support the aged who have no offspring

14. All Uk citizens obliged to participate in three hours voluntary work per week

15.Reimpose limitations on the export of Sterling for entertainment purposes. hol;idays and overseas internet shopping for example to be limited under this criteria

16. Fine or tax all supermarkets re. unecessary  use of packaging, plastic bags, and cut their stranglehold over the farmers

17. Use the large amounts of money normally paid to NHS managers to create "preventative health" clinics which would also include an emphasis on birth control and supply of birth control products,

18.Disband and recreate social services on the basis that it is to be run by the society itself in a demographic decentralised manner. Let each street or area vote in a social representative from the general public

19. Go all out to level the balance of payments. Stop all foreign aid immediately and reinvest the monies saved in domestic UK institutions.etc

20. Any plot of land not given over to agriculture but left to waste to be seized by the government and then passed to voluntary organisations or educational facilities.

21. Consider illegalising some aspects of speculation.

22. Once the balance of payments is levelled. Rewrite the statute book from scratch.

23. Put industry into the prisons. Prisoners judged not just on good behaviour but how productive they are and or what contribution they make

24. legalise eusthanasia for paedophiles,  drug addicts and  alcoholics

25.send minor criminals to do voluntary service in needy third world countries (to be counted as an aid package)

26 consider debate and take a democratic vote on reinstating corporal and capital punishment

27. Allow each borough or county borough to decentralise wherever possible





Why does this matter?

Because we blueprint our citizens in a nonsensical manner. Ditto how we educate our young. Ditto how we deal with crime and criminals. Ditto how we deal with an aged population. Ditto how we address our ecology problems.

Because we do not spend our money wisely

Because our system is a huge defunct dinosaur to which a bit more is added with every new breath our politicians draw.

Because we need a sensible tolerant free society based on good values  and a cohesive society that manages to make ends meet

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