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Dangerous Animal (Dog) Licence

Comment 13th July 2010

I would like to see a well thought through (with appropriate concessions) dog licence scheme re-introduced.

This would self fund wardens, poopscoop schemes, medical assistance (consequential worm and fouled soil related diseases advice, cure & prevention); the problems society has with ignorant members of the population not controlling their animals, not cleaning up after them, intimidating innocent passers-by has become a which problem councils don't adequately admit to or stand up to.

(This is admittedly part of a larger anti-social, self obscessed, selfish, characteristic of our society – add litter, chewing gum, vandalism, graffitti, bad manners, lack of respect, responsibilities for one's own actions to the mix and a poor picture is often the first vista – there are many wonderful aspects of our communities too it must be said) –

Let's start with cheap low cost aspects – Perhaps high profile personalities such as David Bekham, Ben Foggle, Lady Gaga,  who have socially accepted decent attitudes to such matters of course!, Virgin Boss, Rory Bremner …..etc etc …perhaps they could launch a culture of act decency – it IS cool to use a litter bin, help older people….

Why does this matter?

The Conservatives began their electoral campain on a weak but correct footing.

Let's please build on decent citizenship ideals.

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