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Dangerous Drawings

Comment 10th May 2015

The Dangerous Drawings Act

The term dangerous drawing is a contradiction in itself because a drawing is merely marks on paper that represent and idea. No children are used in its making and therefore no children are in danger from a drawing.

It is absurd to say that children could be “groomed” by a drawing because any child old enough to realise the sexual connotations would see that it is not real. If one is to ban drawings then a child old enough to understand them could read the same ideas in a book and the written word would have to be banned.

Sexual mores can and do change and it is an artist’s prerogative to express ideas by making marks on paper of taboo subjects that the artist desires to change by putting these ideas forward. One uses drawings to express ideas that would not be legally possible using children. For example the act states that for the purpose of the act any representation of a person under the age of eighteen would be considered to be a representation of a child. I myself think that this is wrong and that it is my prerogative as an artist to make an image of a person of sixteen engaged in sexual acts because sex at that age is legal.

Freedom of Expression is a quintessential part any democracy. Furthermore
Banning ideas is I breach of Article 10 ECHR Freedom of Expression.

Why does this matter?

The banning of ideas is repressive  and often erotic subject matter seen as obscene by legislators is often is regarded as art after the passage of time.

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