Data Protection Act

This is going rather to far now, when you ring up about your own account, water, council tax, bank et c, and all you want is to ask a question not change anything, they say they have to go through the procedure, because of Data protection, but you only want to know something, and unless you answer all the security questions they will not talk to you.  it is like getting into GCHQ!

Also sometimes the bank rings you up asking you details, I say to them how do I know you are from the bank they say, if they give me a phone number then I can ring it and check, but anyone can use any number knowing you are going to ring to check will answer as a bank, I have said I will not talk to them, if they have something to say to me then they need to write, it has to work both ways, if they are strict then you have to be strick, when I say that they do not have an answer, maybe they should have some questions that we can ask to make sure it is them. I feel this also needs to be looked at.

Why does this idea matter?

because of the frustration of the buyrocacy

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