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Daylight saving law

Comment 8th September 2010

The daylight saving laws were originally introduced by an upper class person out riding his horse early in the morning in the summer who realised what beautiful weather there was, and felt that the peasants should share in the beauty.  The extra hour of daylight in the summer morning was produced by getting the peasants up an hour earlier by putting the clocks forward by an hour in the spring.  This got confused later when it appeared to relate to light in the winter for school children going to school in the light.  That's wrong as the winter is actually GMT an not altered by daylight saving.

Why does this matter?

Please consider double summer time, and keep it at that.  Leave the clocks on british summer time, then add one more hour in spring 2011 and then leave them from then on.  The whole country will feel better by the lighter evenings and will increase productivity, reduce depression.

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