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DDA (Dangerous Dog Act) and BSL (Breed Standard Leguslation)

1 Comment 2nd July 2010

We need to remove both acts and replace them with systems that work.

Why does this matter?

I have been a behaviourist for many years and have seen time and time again that the big 'Pitt Bull Type' dogs actually make the best family dogs and the best and most loyal companions.

When people use these dogs' images in order to use them as a 'weapon', THEY knowingly destroy that dog's gentle disposition.

Owners should be accountable. We should have to hold licences that cost the same as driving licences to attain, around £50 and they should work on the same system. If you know how to look after, train and be good to your dogs, you will be issued a licence. If you violate any of the laws concerning your dog, i.e if your dog is found to be malnourished or becoming particularly aggressive without you actively seeking help for it, your dog can be siezed and your licence removed.

Said licences would have to be resat – maybe for a half price fee – every five years, to ensure you still meet the standards. I also believe that all dogs should have mandatory chips, that way, the police could scan them to ensure that the owners had not just given the dog to someone with a fake licence etc etc.

It should be mandatory to have your dogs spayed/neutered unless you are a licenced breeder by the time the dogs are aged 6 months. It would prevent so many dogs ending up in homes and so many unwanted litters from irresponsible owners.

I have, may I add, seen more dog bit injuries from Toy breeds and Terriers. Why is this never taken into account?

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One Response to DDA (Dangerous Dog Act) and BSL (Breed Standard Leguslation)

  1. Stephen gilbert says:

    Couldnt agree with you more. Giving your dog the correct training and upbringing will ensure your dog to be the most loyal and trustworthy companion. My dog lives with two cats and young children a true part of the family dog. The license idea definitely sounds like a real step forward for us responsible dog owners and it would be a way of ensuring responsible and correct breeding without the worry of giving certain breeds a bad reputation.

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