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de-criminalisation of sex industry

Comment 28th August 2010

At present the sex industry operates outside and on the margins of the law. It operates "underground" and is largely run by gangsters. Sex workers are in a very vulnerable position and receive little protection. Girls are trafficked in to this country by gangs and are used as sex slaves – this awful situation could be eradicated if Prositution was be de-criminalised and a licensing system introduced instead. Sex workers would have to operate discreetly in certain areas. They should have to receive regular health check-ups and also pay taxes like the rest of us.


Why does this matter?

Sex workers are very vulnerable. They take a risk every time they see a client as they have no real way of knowing the him – if it was run like any other business then customers could be identified and, therefore, less likely to assault the sex worker. More importantly, it would eliminate trafficking of young girls, with a licensing system in place all operations could be regularly checked.

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