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de criminisation of drugs

Comment 11th July 2010

Cut costs of policing, reduce crime & reduce demand on the NHS, by legalising all currently illegal drugs. To achieve this, a fully resourced and comprehensive education programme would be needed targeting all sections of the uk community. This education would need to graphically illustrate the effects and consequences of taking drugs. Alongside this there would need to be a network of drop in centres where addicts could purchase pharmecutical grade drugs and sterile equipment at a minimal cost. (prehaps the prescription charge?)

Why does this matter?

This would:

  • Make the illegal supply of drugs non profitable and at a stroke remove the criminal element from the situation.
  • Enable a sizable portion of the police force to be retasked onto other criminal activities.
  • Reduce the amount of crime committed to feed habits.
  • Potentially allow a reduction in the size of the police force.
  • Reduce demand on the NHS, by improving the general health of addicts and reducing the burden on A & E departments due to drug related incidents.


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