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Declaration of Interest & Acknowledgement of Allegiance

Comment 9th July 2010

I believe that an anomally exists within community groups and projects whereby members do not have to acknowledge their allegiance to a political party as a card carrying member. Also those that are involved with secretive organisations such as the Masonic Lodge and Opus Dei should declare their involvement as well as agencies of Government and Organisations declaring an interest as their agenda could be contrary to a Community's wishes., as acknowledgement of thes would be done in Government itself.

Why does this matter?

I think it is important, in that it will protect the rights of that community to develop by means of true democratic process while supporting a proper cohesive structure that will retain the rights of the individual and their ability to engage with the due process of contributing to and Govenring their community….In the knowledge they are working in an open and free environment which has been created by National a manner that greatly reduces the possibility of  interference.

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