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Declare a Republic

1 Comment 12th February 2015

Republics define the roles and rights of their citizens, monarchies rely on notions of subservience and the one-way loyalty of subjects.


We should have the right to decide who should be our Head of State; it should not be dictated by accident of birth. The people of these lands are grown up enough to make that choice for themselves.

Why does this matter?

It empowers everyone with rights and responsibilities.

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One Response to Declare a Republic

  1. Robert Hedley says:

    NEVER NEVER NEVER. We are a Cristian Country and we have and will always have a Monarchy. Her Gracious Majesty is well loved and well respected. She the Mother of this Country we go to when we are troubled, we goto her when we celibrate. Without her stable influences in this Country, this Country will be reduced to an unstable environment, more so that it already is due to the multicutural and imbalance population we have here now.

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