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Decriminalisation of all substances.

Comment 4th July 2010

It is time we realise that the War on Drugs is not only unwinnable, but is at its core incredibly immoral by providing massive amounts of profit for organised criminality and turning in many cases otherwise law abiding, tax paying and fully fuctioning members of society into criminals.

Why does this matter?

First I should probably say for reasons of accountability and assessing my bias on the subject, that I am a casual drug user. I use cannabis regularly and occasionally take 'harder' drugs such as MDMA or ecstasy.   

And I guess I should start about a question on fairness; Why is it that because I should choose to ingest the THC molecule (the active ingredient of cannabis) over the alcohol molecule that my government has a right to treat me as a criminal? Ignoring the libertarian argument that as long as I'm not causing direct harm to anyone else my government shouldn't be able to tell me not to do anything, if we are to compare the damage that these two different drugs cause to individual users and our society overall then there is no question that we've got is ass backwards.

Drink is responsible for countless deaths through alcohol poisoning, it is often the sole or major reason for many violent actions (just ask any serving Police Officer), and general drunkenness causes millions of accidents a year (just visit a NHS hospital on a Friday or Saturday night).

Whereas it is physically impossible to overdose on cannabis. It is only associated with violence when mixed with alcohol, and recent studies suggest that it only puts you at risk of suffering from psychological problems if you have a history of such problems in your family (or in other words, if you were likely to develop such problems anyway).

Is it harmless? No of course not. If you choose to smoke it, it contains more tar than tobacco. And even if you eat or drink it as I just said above it can put you at a greater risk of suffering from mental health issues. However, almost everything in life involved risk. Alcohol gives you liver failure, tobacco gives you lung cancer, living close to a busy road can lower your lifespan, getting into a car greatly increases you likelihood of dying, even breathing in air kills you slowly…that's right oxygen is poisonous!!! 

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