Decriminalise feeding kitchen scraps to domestic chickens etc

One of the most laughable and widely-ignored laws is the ridiculous ban on feeding kitchen scraps to chickens (and other small livestock) kept at home. This was supposed to help contain foot & mouth / swine flu, but the ban even applies to vegetarian food! It's PATHETIC! And everybody just ignores it, so what's the point? It's completely unenforceable and nonsensical.

Duh – that's what chickens are FOR!!! They eat your kitchen scraps. Always have done, always will. Part of the whole point of keeping them, and completely harmless. If you think meat products may contain pathogens, the burden of regulation should fall on the importers/processers/sellers of the dodgy meat. Where do you think the meat waste goes anyway? It goes into landfill, where it's picked over and spread over the surrounding countryside by gulls and rats. So you get a big point source of concentrated infection.

 Even our chickens now a burden of pointless and pathetic regulations! Get off our backs!

Why does this idea matter?

We are supposed to be REDUCING what we throw away! It's obviously stupid and inefficient to be forced by law to put kitchen waste into your wheelie bin rather than give perfectly safe food to your chickens. It's a waste of money and undermines the economics of small-scale domestic chicken-keeping, which is otherwise a good way of saving money in hard times and of re-connecting children and families to animal care and welfare and with where their food comes from.

This kind of law really makes you slap your head, so utterly pointless, so totally ignored, so totally unenforced, so bringing the law into disrepute. When you make laws that are nonsense, they make the law in general look ridiculous, and when people start to consider the law in general to be ridiculous and observe that it is completely impractical, illogical and only selectively enforced, if at all, then you have the breakdown of law & order.

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