Defence procurement

If you (the defence Dept) want a Boeing Chinook twin rotor helicopter don't rewrire the whole machine. Just buy it. If you want something else then get something else from a UK manufacturer or even the EU or from BAE  systems. If on the other hand you want a surveillance aircraft why did you (the department whatever that is presumably the MOD)  persist with a de Havilland based Comet vehice for fifty years? My suggestion is that the MOD should employ engineers not civil servants with arts degrees or classics qualificans. Our MOD civil servants are so obviously deficient in engineering judgement that they need intellecrtual reinforcement. So let's not buy a replacenent for Polaris or Trident or whatever. Who the hell is going to want to obliterate us WHO has a nuclear weapon? Yes it is Iran, and Pakistan and China and India and Isreael. So we need something. Let's get an airbased nuclear missile system from a fightrer bomber, or even an unpiloted bomber.


any or all of these ideas has got to be cheaper thanTrident

Why does this idea matter?

Because the defence industr y is very expensive and is fundamental to employent.

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