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Degree for teaching not required

Comment 14th July 2010

The current system requires most teachers to have a degree, WHY. It is possible to enter into teaching via being a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, and in the past it was not a requirement.

 Having a degree is not relevant to the ability and knowledge required to teach GCSE and A Level, indeed many teachers have a degree in a subject unrelated to their actual school activity.

 My teachers back in 1970's were far more adept teachers than their current colleagues, and I recall the first of the "new breed" training at my school, and most were poor through lack of knowledge of their chosen subject.

 It is said "having a degree shows a professional mindset" etc. This is conceited rubbish, and an insult to many non-university educated people, nor should being a teacher carry the "professional" lable as applied to signing / witnessing documents. Lets get real and get the true teachers back into schools.

Why does this matter?

Teaching is now riddled with mediocraty, and degrees are becomming a joke. The real answer to motivating children to learn is an ability to teach, and nothing to do with university education.

 Teaching is now too self congratulating, and riddled with a professional snobbery , when what matters is educational ability

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