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Demonstrate there is Law for ALL by the arrest of Tony Blair

Comment 21st July 2010

As today Nick Clegg said …..



Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has had to clarify the government's position on the Iraq war after telling MPs the conflict had been "illegal".

At prime minister's questions, Mr Clegg said Labour's Jack Straw would have to account for his role in the "disastrous" decision to invade.

Mr Clegg later stressed his opinion was a "long-held" personal one.

Foreign Secretary William Hague, who backed the war, said his history on the issue was "different" to Mr Clegg.

As regards the government's official position on the legal basis for war, a spokesman for the deputy prime minister said "it awaits the outcome" of the Chilcot inquiry looking into the background to the war.

Why does this matter?

Its important to show that a MP is not above the law, at the very least he should be arrested on suspicion of starting a illegal war! however!

Time and time again do you see police and politicians get away with crime and it does prove different people can do a offence depending who they are, like the police, MP's even the rich can buy freedom.

I doubt anything will happen but lets face it if your working person on the stree did a crimed there in court! so its time to PROVE people are not above the law

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