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Dept of Transport Safer Roads Initiative.

Comment 11th August 2010

It appears to be the "Safer Roads Initiative", introduced by the Department of Transport, that has resulted in all the 40/50 MPH speed restrictions on Rural Main Roads! These roads previously had a National Speed limit of 60 MPH.

 This may be a good policy on these Rural Main Roads but if there are alternative routes without restrictions, frustrated motorists are using these in preference!

 Therefore, even narrower country lanes, which still have the National speed limit are becoming the prefered route! Surely, these narrow country lanes, should have lower speed limits than their neighbouring Main roads?

It would be better if Main Rural roads had a 50 MPH speed limit and the narrow lanes a 40 MPH speed limit. Then both types of rural roads would be safer!

Why does this matter?

How can it be safer to travel @ 60 mph on narrow rural lanes than @ 60 on Main Rural roads?

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