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Deregulate Sunday Trading

Comment 5th July 2010

In England and Wales Sunday trading is restricted to a maximum of six hours for large stores i.e. supermarkets, retail parks etc.


I propose we fully deregulate The Sunday Trading Act allowing any shop to open at any time.

Why does this matter?

The benefits this will bring:


Instantly tens of thousands of jobs are created. Many of which will be low skilled jobs allowing a section of the low skilled society employment. In a battered economy this is essential to revive the UK’s finances and to reduce our national debt.  

Quality of life & convenience

Supermarkets are, in my opinion, too busy on Sundays. If the laws were changed then this will allow supermarkets to open 24 hours on a Sunday relieving the mass influx of Sunday shoppers. This will also allow you to buy food after 4pm on Sundays, something that would personally make my life happier. 


Also, working Monday to Fridays has meant that the weekends for the majority of people is the only time to do some shopping. Again meaning that high street is overcrowded, usually on Saturdays. Giving that 2 out of 7 days of the week are days off work, do we really want to restrict 1 of those days? I would like the freedom for my days off to do what I want/when I want.       


Note: I believe this is already happening in Scotland.


Why we shouldn’t be against this:


Many against the change worry that they will have to work on Sundays. However, an act could be introduced to allow workers the choice to either work or not work on Sundays (Again, I believe this has already happened in Scotland).


Sundays has traditionally been considered a day of rest, or special. However, this does not fit in with modern living. We live in a world where convenience and choice should be a basic liberty.


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