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Digital Economy Bill

Comment 1st July 2010

Repeal the Digital Economy Act 2010, or at least repeal the clauses of this Act that restrict the individual's right to privacy.

Why does this matter?


Disgracefully this bill was pushed through by Labour in the dying days of the last parliament with no proper debate or consideration. Not only does this represent yet another intrusion into the lives of citizens by the Government, but the cost of policing such a bill will be astronomical. For the most part the Bill covers areas already adequately covered by other laws anyway. It forces ISPs into actions they have vocally expressed opposition to, such as blocking websites that allow copyright infringement. These websites are not illegal, nor is their content illegal. Although people may choose to use them illegally, an outright block amounts only to internet censorship, something that up until now I have been proud to have been free of in the UK. This Bill,now the Digital Economy Act 2010, is simply not compatible with British values. It's repeal was part of the Liberal Democrat election manifesto, and I urge the Government in the strongest  possible terms to repeal the Act and find an alternative that does not tread so awfully on the right to individual privacy.

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