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Digital economy law breaks the law

Comment 9th July 2010

The simple truth is this, under copyright law I am entitled to make a back up of any original I own. With dvds and musci the most simple way is to download a file that has already been compressed rather than compressing my own dvd or music cd.

However, because my ISP has no idea what I have an original copy of they have to (under these disgusting law) slow my connection down or scrap it altogether.

No judge, jury or even fair trial. Simply doing what am I am entitled to do makes me a criminal now.

How can I prove I am not breaking the law? Send all my receipts for 300+dvds (that obvioulsy I kept as people always keep 300 dvd receipts) to my isp for their future reference?

Why does this matter?

Because this law stops people being able to use their legal rights in an efficient manner.

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