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Direct debit discrimination !!

Comment 8th July 2010

Why is it, that with some companies, you are only allowed to pay using direct debit ?, and if you do not comply with their demands they are allowed to positively discriminate against you and charge you extra, or refuse you a service etc?

If someone is supplying goods or services in this country, then they should recieve payment in any form of legal tender !

Why does this matter?

By using direct debit, you are effectively giving companies unlimited access to your money, they will take the money regardless of weather there is a faulty bill etc, and then it is for the customer to PROVE they are being charged wrongly !

This changes the users of this service to ' The customer is always WRONG', and we dont care because we already have your money !

remove this system, and either make all companies recieve payment in any legal tender, or force direct debit to allow customers to put a 'cap' on the maximum that is allowed to be taken !

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