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Dis-repair and social housing

Comment 10th August 2010

I think the housing dis-repair laws need to be looked at so tenant's in social housing are unable to claim dis-repair.  Since the decent homes iniatative has been brought in, homes in social housing are now and will in the near future be of an excellent standard so tenant's should be unable to claim dis-repair.  The only people who gain from dis-repair in the social housing sector are solicitors – particularly those who mail-drop/target social housing tenants.  Im am in favour of dis-repair in the private sector – it is essential with some private landlords but now completely un-necessary in the social housing sector.  It also costs social housing providers as they have to pay solicitors to represent them – the money could be used to improve tenants homes rather than pay legal costs.

Why does this matter?

To stop solicitors making money out of Housing Associations and their tenant's.

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