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Dispose of Church Cancel Liability Laws

Comment 6th July 2010

Currently a law dating back to Henry VIII legally obligates the owners of property built on land previously owned by the church to provide funds to repair church chancels. This law is ridiculous and unjust.

The high profile case of the family that had to eventually declare bankrupcy in 2003 after a church had pursued such a claim is outrageous. A court ruling that stated that the church was 'exempt from the upkeep of human rights' (and thus overuled this family's legal challenge not to pay) is indicative of just how unjust this strange law is.

I suggest this law is abolished!

Why does this matter?

Those most profting from this law are actually the insurance companies – as those that know about this responsibility and have taken out imdemnity policies.

However, there are people that are totally unaware of the fact that their house holds this responsibility as finding out is not that straightforward.

The idea that a church can pursue individuals for payment for repairs to the chancel has echoes of the church bullying the peasants!

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